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  Welcome to JeepinGirl.com!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out the web site I had my husband put together. Right now there is a few games, some online coloring pages, and a whole bunch of pictures that you can send to other Jeepin' people as a Jeep Wave E-card. If you have any suggestions feel free to send me an e-mail at and I will pass them on to my husband. He needs as much help as possible. ;)
Speaking of being other Jeepin' people, my husband just opened it up so that anyone can get a e-mail name @JeepinGirl.com. Now anyone can be a Jeepin' Girl! Check it out by clicking on Jeepin' Mail on the menu.

That is my old 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic, Silvie. It was my first Jeep and I miss it so much. I traded it in on a 2007 Jeep Commander Overland. I love my new Jeep but you never really get over your first Jeep.

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